Discovery! A word full of amazing potential. What does it mean... to truly discover? Since the dawn of time, mankind has sought out knowledge of the unknown. Centuries ago, cavemen discovered fire. In 1841, President William Henry Harrison discovered pneumonia.

Here at Particle Mayhem, we're about more than just fires and lung infections. Today, we're proud to announce that we've cracked the code to one of the universe's biggest secrets. Some said it was impossible. To them, we say: to hell with you! What would you know about science!?

That's right, fellow particle enthusiasts. We're going beyond time and space!

Not only will we explore the vast reaches of space, but we'll be breaking the boundaries of time itself! The best part is... YOU are once again tasked with creating experiments! Can your creations stand the test of time, or survive the rings of Saturn? Will they travel back in time and enslave all of Ancient Rome? Anything and everything is possible!

Prize Pool

555 Keys

1st place (3 cats): ~15%

2nd place (3 cats): ~10%

3rd place (3 cats): ~5%

Honorable mentions (x5): ~2%

This time around, our top experiments have the chance to win an ever-growing Key surplus!

The final prize pool has grown to a staggering
555 Keys!

Want to contribute? Other questions? See the FAQ below!

Thanks to our donors:

-=NHS=- Kwas - 300 Keys
bamboo - 100 Keys
boba - 71 Keys
Bonk Nickeltoon - 60 Keys
Chikamae` - 5 Keys
Kerpongle - 5 Keys
Pritter30 - 5 Keys
Sera486 - 5 Keys
default - 4 Keys

What is Particle Mayhem 2?

Particle Mayhem 2 is a community-created contest, put together by various members of the Team Fortress 2 community. We want time travelers and astronauts from all over the world to make the most out-of-this-world Steam Workshop submissions anyone has even seen!

Is this an official update for Team Fortress 2?

No, this is not an official update. This is a community-created project, and is not directly affiliated with Valve. This basically means that whatever you submit for the contest has no guarantee to be officially added to the game.

What can I submit, and what can't I submit?

Cosmetics, war paints, and of course, particles! Any of these item types can be submitted to the contest, as long as it fits the theme of time and space! We ask that you do not submit anything that breaks the rules of the contest.

Last time you mentioned medals. What's the deal?

Back in 2019, Valve had quietly put a halt to any new and upcoming community-made medals due to over-saturation and high demand.

Sadly, the original medals we had made specifically for the first event were not implemented before then, and we have no idea if Valve will ever add new medals again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How do the prizes work? Can I contribute?

We're starting the contest's prize pool off with a total of 100 Mann Co. Keys. These will be divided into 3 categories: particles, cosmetics, and war paints. Keys will be split equally among all contributors on a winning submission.

Donations are now closed. We would like to thank all of the donors who helped grow the prize pool to such a staggering amount of Keys!

Why was I asked to vote on something?

You will never be asked to "log in" on our website to vote for any items (such as the Malibu Sunset effect, which isn't ours). Anybody asking you to do so is attempting to scam you, and you should report their Steam account immediately.

Our only official website is located at, which is hosted by TF2Maps. Anything not located on their domain is a deceptive site. If the URL you were sent is different than that, you are being scammed. Report the deceptive site using Google's phishing report tool.

In an experiment gone horribly right, one of our lab boys became a sentient time-travelling cloud full of ancient power. In the name of science, we proceeded to use it to steal all of history's most precious artifacts. Now we need it off our hands, because all the damn thing does now is spoil the endings of TV shows.

Circular teleportation? BORING! Hexagonal teleportation? It's been patented. Teleport in STYLE with our brand new triangular method! Don't be a square (because that's patented too) and try it today!

Congratulations! You thought a massive supercollider would be the perfect spot for a game of hide-and-seek! You were right, because you now have the ability endlessly float through your very own timestream! All it cost you was lifelong bone rattling syndrome.

What happens when you forcefully decrease the pressure of a thousand stars at once? An unstoppable, ever-emitting Supernova! It's the perfect place to destroy classified documents, and maybe one or two interns.

Want to look your best while facing the horrors of space? Look no further! We shook the excess skull fragments out of this one to achieve maximum comfort. Perfect for long strolls on the Moon!

This little feller has been a huge help around the lab. Tasked with carrying out experiments and shooting our scientists' evil time-travelling doppelgangers (with a 50% success rate), the SP-13 is ready for the world beyond!

Our latest development in time-travel technology! This state-of-the-art canteen was created with the sole purpose of sending those annoying killer robots to other time periods, out of sight and mind! What's that? Every world leader is a robot now? What an absolutely ridicu--ALL GLORY TO THE ROBOT OVERLORDS.

Funnily enough, this one wasn't a part of our experiments. We were cleaning out a former employee's desk and unearthed spray cans full of an unknown, circuit-like substance. We did the sane thing and sprayed it on guns. You know, for science.

Disclaimer: You will never be asked to "log in" on our website to vote for any items. Report anyone who asks you to do so.





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